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Yoga for Beginners

Ignite your Yoga practice with an online course that breaks down foundation poses to build up sequences and gentle flows all in the comfort of your own home

Coming soon:

Yoga for Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful time to connect with your baby as they grow in your womb. As your body changes you can enjoy these guided practices to stretch and move your body. For most women pregnancy can be a little stressful or we may feel anxious so I also offer guided breathing and relaxation tools that can be used throughout your pregnancy and while birthing baby.

Intro to Yoga Philosophy

Want to know more about the Sutras, Chakras, Koshas. I'll be running an introduction to these topics and more

Intro to Ayurveda

The sister science to Yoga, find out your Dosha and how to use Ayurveda to tailor your Yoga practice


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Meet Your Host


Rachael started teaching Yoga in 2012 having first found Yoga in 1999. Rachael believes Yoga is for everybody to enjoy and experience and loves to welcome everyone to the practice from beginners to advance Yogis.

Rachael signed up for her first Yoga Teacher Training in 2007/08 to further her knowledge and understanding of the practice. It wasn't until 2012 that she had the urge to teach and run free classes in a local park during the summer months. 

In 2013 Rachael completed further training to specialise in yoga for pregnancy and has taught to over 350 ladies during their pregnancy and afterwards during mum & baby yoga classes.

In July 2014 Rachael opened her studio Lotus Yoga Studio in her home town in Hampshire. A studio environment is great for those that need time and space for 'me' time on the mat but not everyone can get to the studio or schedules may not sync with the studio timetable. So Rachael has decided to put together some of her course online so they are available at your own time and pace to come back to again and again.