SUP Yoga classes

60 MINUTES £35

SUP Yoga can provide many benefits in relation to health & fitness. The core muscles are working hard to remain stable while we practice. Balance is challenged and you will build strength as this practice offers a great upper body resistance workout.

When students first get on a SUP board they tend to feel wobbly and maybe fall in, but soon feel comfortable moving around the board as they improve proprioception - the ability to sense movement within the joints.

Indoor pool SUP Yoga

Brune Park community school pool

Creating a floating yoga studio for year round practice. The pool at Brune Park School is heated to 30 degrees, is 1.05m in the shallow end, 2.6m in the deep end, has changing facilities and plenty of parking. Our BogaYoga FITMats are tethered to pool lane ropes to stop you floating around the pool. Great for those new to SUP or unsure of practicing in open water.

Outdoor SUP Yoga

locations tbc

Take the walls away and enjoy Yoga and the great outdoors. We live on an island surrounded by water, wherever you go you are sure to find a waterway, lake, river or the sea.

Enjoy the surroundings of nature as you practice Yoga out on the water.

We are planning to confirm locations to offer outdoor SUP Yoga classes.


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