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Full moon red tent

Join Rachael for our first red tent in April just before the 'pink' moon.

The red tent is a place where women traditionally came together to offer support and guidance whether during their monthly bleed, giving birth or just before getting married. It was a place of telling stories handed down from mother to daughter, a place women could rest and reset, laugh and feel supported.

As I've noticed during the classes around full moon we tend to be more chatty, lively and upbeat so I've decided to hold red tents around this time as our energy peaks, whereas during our new moon meditation we take the time to reflect and turn within.

Our first red tent is timed to be inline with the 'Pink' moon which moves into the sign of Scorpio. Called the pink moon due to the pink hues in the sky in the northern hemisphere at this time of year. Each month we will open with a sharing circle and have a different theme/focus.

This red tent we will be focusing on creating a vision board, as we move towards the Pagan celebration of Beltane/May Day as Spring arrives and is a time of recreation, fun and joy. We can chat and discuss our ideas and what we wish to manifest.

£15pp bookings now open.

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