My Yoga Journey


My Yoga journey started when I was around 15 and I came across a Yoga VHS tape that my mum had brought. It offered 10 different Yoga practices that were only 10 minutes long! Perfect incase I didn't want to be on my mat for more then that! I kept coming back to the mat, especially when I felt stressed or anxious. It wasn't for long practices, but I felt great afterwards.

In 2007 I trained as a Hatha Yoga Teacher with the British School of Yoga which was an at home study course. I did this alongside training as a Holistic Therapist and worked at festivals and spas as a therapist until Christmas 2011.

In the summer of 2011 was when I first came across Vinyasa, a style of flow yoga, and started practicing at home to DVDs with Shiva Rea and felt very lucky to find a teacher in Brighton that had trained with Shiva and run her style classes. At the time I was living in Somerset and travelled back and forth for classes - yes I drove for over 3 hours to go to a yoga class! This was when I knew I had fallen in love with the practice and that it was time to teach.

In April 2012 I started teaching Yoga in a local park and at community centres.


In July 2013 I completed my additional Teacher Training to specialise in Prenatal and Post Natal Yoga and ran 2 pregnancy yoga classes and 1 mum & baby class each week at one of the community centres. These were super fun and special classes as I loved being part of not just a Yoga journey, but the journey into Motherhood for so many amazing women. These classes gave women that much needed 'me time' to relax and stretch while connecting to their baby and then to meet new mums, chat, have a cuppa tea and maybe do some yoga as they progressed to post natal classes. I love getting tagged in photos of my student friends as their children have started school and a lot of the ladies have stayed close friends.

Though super grateful for these spaces and meeting many amazing students I wanted my own space and opened Lotus Yoga Studio in the heart of Fareham in June 2014 to offer a dedicated space for Yoga. Lotus Yoga Studio is an intimate space for Yoga and meditation offering a variety of classes to suit those wishing to start and maintain a Yoga practice. Its here that I've been able to offer workshops, day retreats and invite teachers in for events such as Sound Baths and Mindfulness workshops. 


I've always loved teaching Beginners so in 2016 I decided to start 2 beginners Yoga classes in the evenings. During these classes people not only start their Yoga practice and find the confidence to join general classes they create community as many have created friendships too. The studio is always full of laughter, especially as students come in and start to roll out their mats and have a chat before class starts.

I've always enjoyed bringing different twists to Yoga. In March 2014 I first tried Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga and in 2017 I trained with SUPFit to qualify as a SUP Yoga Teacher. I specialise in indoor classes which are great if you are new to SUP and aren't keen on practicing outside and keeps the practice going all year round.


Another twist was Goat Yoga - yes yoga with goats! A light hearted yoga practice full of laughter and fantastic for those that love animals. Goats are much like dogs and will come up for a cuddle or head scratch whether you are seated or in a headstand! After a few students requested this we set up a few classes during the summer months in 2017.

In 2018 the twists continued with me offering Glow in the Dark Yoga workshops. These classes are flow classes and we practice under the glow of a black light. They are really great fun and its awesome seeing students get creative with their outfits and drawing on themselves with glow in the dark body paint.

I'm also continuing my studies and plan to offer more classes in an online form so I can bring Yoga to everybody even if you can't make it to the studio. I'm really excited to see what else this amazing and crazy journey has to offer and to share it all with you.


  • 2007 - Hatha Yoga Teacher Training British School of Yoga (BSY)

  • 2012 - Yoga classes offered in local community. Started teaching at local Naval bases.

  • 2013 - Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training with Yoga Alliance registered Yoga School. Ran first Yoga retreat in Somerset.

  • 2014 - opened Lotus Yoga Studio. Vinyasa flow Yoga Teacher training started via Yoga Campus

  • 2016 - Ran my first retreat in Morocco.

  • 2017 - SUPFit Yoga Teacher Training. Organised goat Yoga class at local farm!

  • 2018 - Glow in the dark Yoga classes started. Online training with Sadie Nardini

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