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Mudras and Mantras: Libra ~ the seventh sign of the zodiac

Welcome to Libra season and happy new moon tomorrow (28th September). Libra is the 7th sign of the zodiac as we move through into the 2nd half of the Astrological year! Libra moves us into the element of Air and is the only sign to be represented by a material object rather than a human or animal - the scales!

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Mudras and Mantras: Virgo ~ the sixth sign of the zodiac

Welcome to Virgo season and happy new moon. Virgo is the 6th sign of the zodiac and we move back into the element of Earth, we’ve not been here since Taurus but Virgo has a very different energy. Virgo is ruled by Mercury (same as Gemini) but rather than being slow and sensual (Taurus) or rushing here, there and everywhere and forgetting why (Gemini), Virgo brings order to chaos and a steady flow with a precise purpose.

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Mudras and Mantras: Leo ~ the fifth sign of the zodiac

Welcome to Leo season, as the sun returns to the sign it rules. Leo symbolised as the Lion, and invites in courage, enthusiasm, adventure, childlike laughing fits, creative expression. We are back in the fire for the first time since Aries season, we have grown as we have moved through the elements in the first 4 signs and move into the 5th house of romance. As we have moved out of the moon sign of Cancer and into sunny sign of Leo it seemed natural to practice Surya Mudra.

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Mudras and Mantras: Cancer ~ the fourth sign of the zodiac

Cancer is the sign of the crab, our first water sign, ruled by the moon and are known as the Divine Mother. The Moon is also known as the feminine/ The Goddess part of ourselves, so for me it was easy to choose the mudra for Cancer season: Shakti Mudra

During Cancer season allow yourself to dive deep into the waters of your emotions and truly FEEL them. It can be easy to stay within the shell but remember this house/sign is about home and LIFE. You have to move out of your shell to truly live and FEEL.

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Activation within your yoga practice…what does it mean?

Do you know the difference between being active and passive in your body? The difference between engaging and just hanging out in a yoga pose? The affect it has on your body between forcing or activating your way through your yoga practice?

Activation in the body is about being aware of how you are moving and placing your body on the mat, into AND out of yoga poses. Engaging muscles to build strength to hold yoga poses and protect the joints. Being gentle and mindful of your body and listening to how your body reacts rather than pushing for the pose or going to your edge every single time!

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Find your comfort zone and then go beyond it

When we bring water to earth we create mud /clay and that can create beautiful things. If you can identify your comfort zone and find little ways to take yourself beyond your comfort zone you’ll find so much more than you imagined.

The comfort zone is the great enemy to creativity; moving beyond it necessitates intuition, which in turn configures new perspectives and conquers fears - Dan Stevens

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My 5 go to Yoga poses for releasing tension in the neck & shoulders

Welcome to Taurus season. Taurus rules over the neck and invites in mobility and stability, stabilizing our head and mobility allowing us to look around and see the world rather than what is right in front of us!

Earthy Taurus can be stubborn and like their comforts. They do rule over the 2nd house which is all about cash & possessions, so it can be a challenge to get them to try something different. This may create tension due to feeling anxious at the thought of coming out of their comfort zone. They can also very focused on the task at hand and will take their time on what they are currently doing. This may create tension in the neck & shoulders or neck pain or general discomfort in the neck & shoulders as they may lock themselves into how they hold their body until the task is complete.

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Mudras and Mantras: Taurus ~ the second sign of the zodiac

For Taurus I selected the Apana Mudra. Apana is 1 of the 5 Vayus which means wind but we can link it to different directions of movement. Apana Vayu is the downward & outward movement. Apana Mudra is a very cleansing mudra to practice, its all about releasing and letting go of stale energy.

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