The autumnal equinox and Libra

The autumnal equinox and Libra

Here in the Northern hemisphere the sun moved into Libra on the 23rd September as we celebrated the Autumnal Equinox - balance of equal light and dark before the nights draw in as we move closer to winter.

Libra is represented as The Scales - finding balance and justice, honouring light and dark, being strong and soft, strength and flexibility, breath and movement, holding on and letting go. As we move through the autumn equinox we release the long days and warmth of spring and summer and move into the darker nights and cold of autumn and winter, honouring the balance between these states of being.

Its been fun listening to the conversations at the start of classes during the past week or so as students reflect on the change in temperature, sunset getting earlier and whose put the heating on already. Then there are those remarking on loving the shift into autumn, enjoying the chill in the evenings, seeing the change in nature as they walk their dogs with berries, acorns and leaves falling from the trees.

Now is the time to pause and reflect on balance in your life - the balance between work and play always springs to my mind! Balancing the amount of classes I teach to giving myself time off, trying to not feel guilty for having time off verses focusing on my enjoyment for the activity I’m doing rather than solely running my business. For example I took a spare of the moment trip away during the August bank holiday weekend. Having realised I hadn’t taken any time off since the beginning of the year and finding a few events I was interested in attending I did something for myself and it was very much the soul medicine I needed.

Grab your journal and a pen and reflect on balance in your life right now.

Where are you allowing yourself to be the peacekeeper rather than speaking your truth?

Are you working just 1 more hour to get something done to keep your boss happy but missing out on dinner with your loved ones?

Now is the time to bring balance into your life especially as we move towards the full moon in Aries on the 13th October ~ Aries is reminding us that things start with us to then create balance with others (Libra).

If you need some extra guidance on honouring your true self I highly recommend practicing the Kundalini meditation - Kirtan Kriya (just do a little search on Spotify) or roll out your mat for my Yoga for Libra - soft and strong practice.

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