Virgo - time to get organised

Virgo - time to get organised!

Plans, research, lists and a good old excel spreadsheet - music to a Virgos ears or those of you with Virgo in your 10th house!

Now is the time to get organised whether you’re planning your next holiday, getting ready for Christmas (yes I said it!), writing class plans, researching retreat venues, planning building work on your home or writing out your shopping list each week so you don’t (or are less likely) to forget something.

During these last few days while the sun is in Virgo - we move into Libra season on the 23rd September - make the most of your energy and enthusiasm to get organised as over the weekend we have the moon in Gemini. Both Gemini and Virgo are ruled by Mercury - quick thinking, communicative, full of ideas yet grounded with the earth element that Virgo brings in.

On Thursday (18th Sept) Saturn moved direct since being retrograde for 5 months. Saturn rules the 10th house of work and career so basically getting things done! Saturn is currently in its ruling sign of Capricorn so you may have felt that your plans have been blocked or like you’ve been hitting a brick wall. Well now Saturn is direct again its time to put those plans into action. This weekend is a great time to dive into those ideas and plans for your future, reassess and amend where needed as you can remove the rose coloured glasses and see things at face value now.

The only word of caution is that because we have both of the Mercury ruled signs in the sun and moon this weekend be aware to not over think or let worry, fear or anxiety weigh you down. When Mercury is involved we can easily get stuck in our thoughts and cycle them over and over so use the Gemini energy to chat and discuss your ideas. Invite a friend over for coffee and a chat, go see a relative, speak to business partners or your spouse. The lesson from Virgo is that when it comes to work we don’t have to be a 1 man band and do it all ourselves.

Make sure you get out and enjoy the weekend or at the very least get up from the computer (looking at those of you creating ANOTHER spreadsheet) or put down your pen and notepad and give both your mind and body a stretch with my Yoga for Virgo practices.

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