Sun in Virgo ~ yoga PRACTICE not Yoga perfect

Sun in Virgo ~ yoga PRACTICE not Yoga perfect

Today the sun has moved out of fiery Leo and into the earth element in the sign of Virgo.

Virgo is grounded and organised, she likes to know that everything will be completed properly, knows where everything goes and has high expectations. The truth is we have now moved into the 6th sign of the zodiac, we have gotten in touch we our ego (Aries), our desires (Taurus), our thoughts and starting to learn about the world (Gemini), our emotions (Cancer) and our passions and putting ourselves out there (Leo). By the time we reach Virgo we have been through a lot learning about ourselves and the world.

Virgo is known as the Virgin but this had a very different meaning over 4000 years when astrology began. A virgin meant a woman who was strong and independent, she didn’t need man to support her. Think of the Lioness but as a grounded, wise Earth mother. Virgo is a healer - many of my students are Virgos and they provide healing and care as nurses and vets. Virgo is ruled by Mercury (as is Gemini) and so can overthink BUT the earth element brings in the organised side. However during Virgo season we can get caught up in perfection or being self critical.

Being a chatty Gemini I joke that I teach in bumper stickers as I love all sorts of quotes! One of my favourite is the hashtag used on Instagram #yogapracticenotyogaperfect Its a reminder that yoga is an ongoing practice, its about being in the moment and FEELING how it feels to be in the pose you are practicing. Not about it being perfect, you being perfect, life being perfect. Or when you are on the mat in the studio practicing a challenging pose and you look around the room and see everyone else, thinking they are better than you! Its a reminder that our bodies are exactly that OUR bodies. My other favourite saying is ‘same same but different’ and though we all have bodies and they mostly look the same BUT we are all put together slightly differently. So why do we think we have to do everything the same way or better than someone else?

On Tuesday this week I had an awesome astrology reading using my chart in reference to running my business. As we were chatting about where I want my business to go I mentioned a goal and was asked - ‘why haven’t you done that yet?’ to which I replied - I WANT IT TO BE PERFECT! The response - but you don’t have any Virgo in your chart! So here I was telling my students that its a yoga practice not a yoga perfect and to let go of the perfect pose yet I wanted this goal I’m aiming for to be perfect or I won’t take it on board!

Progressed moon in Virgo - earlier this year I learnt about the progressed moon which in a nutshell is the sign the moon has moved into in my chart right now! Yup your chart changes or progresses which is why we change, learn, grow and evolve through our lifetime. The moon progresses through our chart moving through 1 sign approx every 2 and a half years. This changes the energies of how we feel about certain aspects of our life, why we have periods that we are adventurous or outgoing and times when we are focused and work driven. Right now my progressed moon is in Virgo, at about 26 degrees meaning my moon has been in Virgo for about 26 months! It’ll be there until around December, so as someone with no Virgo in my natal chart, I’ve had Virgo affecting me for over 2 years!

Letting go of perfection - my lesson is about letting go of perfection and to get down into the details, enjoy the planning but to go with the flow and feel the joy and that’s my reminder to you in this weeks blog. Where are you allowing perfection to stop you doing something? When have you over planned something that you didn’t enjoy yourself because it didn’t go as planned?! How often do you criticise yourself telling yourself you aren’t good enough? Now is the time to let go of perfection and remember that you are an independent goddess that can do anything in your own unique way - THIS GIRL CAN!

Have a play with your balance, you might be trying this pose for the first time BUT allow yourself to let go of perfection and be in the moment with this weeks Yoga practice.

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