Lift out of your shell ~ 3 Ways to move into upward FACING dog pose

Lift out of your shell ~ 3 Ways to move into upward facing dog pose.

As the sun starts to move out of the watery sign of The Crab AKA Cancer and into Leo the Lion heart on the 23rd July I wanted to dive into the backbend of Upward Facing Dog pose.

Upward Facing Dog pose and Cobra pose seem to get muddled up as students aren’t always aware of the difference between the two. Upward Facing Dog pose is in essence an arm balance as the only contact points on the mat are the palms of the hands and the top of the feet, while in a deep Cobra like backbend.

For Cancer signs home is where the heart is and Leo is associated with the heart chakra so it seemed fitting to focus on a backbend that requires you to lift out of your shell.

Roll our your mat and have a play with exploring this pose via 3 different ways to move into the pose, listen to your body and honour if a transition doesn’t feel right for you. The joy of having different transitions is that you can make your practice your own.

Lifting up from cobra pose

Start lying on your front, hands on the mat under the shoulders, elbows bent and lifted off the mat pointing towards the hips.

Roll the shoulders and lift your forehead, chest and belly up into cobra. If it feels ok, press into the palms to lift your hips, thighs, knees and shins up off the mat.

See photos below:


Through plank pose

Start in Downward Facing Dog, moving forward into Plank, keeping your arms straight, gently lower the hips as close as you can to the mat without placing the legs onto the mat.

Depending on what feels comfortable for you, you can keep the toes tucked or untuck the toes and place the top of the feet into the mat.

See photos below:


Chaturanga hover

Starting in Downward Facing Dog, moving forward into Plank, this time bend the elbows lowering the whole of your body down towards your mat. When you get halfway you are now hovering above your mat, pull your body forward and up into your backbend.

See photos below:


If you are more visual and need to watch how to move through these different transitions watch my Yoga Pose Tutorial video.

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