Even Yogis can burn out - don't quit, just rest!

Even Yogis can burn out - don't quit, just rest!

Welcome to cancer season its time to slow down and nurture yourself. Cancer is seen as the mum, the giver, the feeder, the person you go to when you need a cry and a good hug. They can also be seen as the teens of the zodiac - emotional, pushed to work hard (exams, trying to get into college and uni or getting a job) when they really don’t want to! I see Teens as the newbie Cancers as they don’t yet understand their emotions, as the Mother role comes into play - whether you are a mother or a father, whether you have children of your own or people in your community that you view as family - we start to understand our emotions more.

As we take on the role of giving we can easily start to burn out, especially if we forget to give to ourselves.

We are a society that can view taking/receiving as being selfish or greedy yet we can’t pour from an empty cup. Life is about giving AND receiving, it has an ebb and flow. Yet we keep pushing ourselves - to do more, make more money, work more hours, be better, to never give up.

Yet we sometimes view rest as stopping, not working, being lazy or quitting when in fact it is necessary to be our best self.

This weekend I had a proper weekend off - no teaching, no emails, no calls, no texts, no posting about my classes & events on social media. I had an amazing weekend in London watching the Yankees vs the Red Soxs at London Stadium and visiting the observatory in Greenwich.

I’ve been teaching for over 7 years, started with 1 class while working part time and slowly adding classes to the point I didn’t have a day off! Now I solely teach yoga - 12 classes a week, monthly classes such as SUP Yoga, meditation & corporate class with annual retreats and workshops here and there.

I’m now at the point where when I have time off I don’t feel like I need it, but it’s taken me a while to get here. I’ve been at the point of being broken, loving what I was offering, trying to cover rent and desperately needing some self care (or sleep!). Asking myself should I keep doing this or quit?! I realised that I loved teaching so much that I wasn’t even getting a practice in myself! How crazy is that - a Yoga Teacher sacrificing her own practice to be able to teach more!

So what did I do? I nearly fell out of love with Yoga because it became solely a job with no time for myself to do what I loved - practice Yoga - the reason behind me starting to teach because I felt the difference it made for me. Now it was lost in translation as I got more inquiries, I put on more classes.

After 4 years I was at a point where I could drop 4 classes a week with no real questions asked as I ended a franchise contract that was set up around these classes. These classes no longer felt aligned with what I wanted to offer and I knew that as wonderful as they were to teach, I only started them because they were what was being asked of me when I first started teaching. I had gotten to the point that I didn’t look forward to them - some even dreaded - I got bored of the class plans and noticing these signs I knew it was time for a change.

So here I am nearly another 3 years on and I can’t wait to teach when I wake up, or if its a day off from teaching then I enjoy my day off - whether its watching Netflix, going paddleboarding or to a class, catching up with friends, reading or planning a holiday.

When I wake up and don’t feel enthusiastic first thing I still roll out my mat and move into my practice. I try to practice every morning for at least 30 minutes Monday - Friday and that helps to reset my start to the day.

So if you have made it this far, thank you and I want you to ask yourself….

Do you burn out? Do you always give? Do you give to yourself? Even if you don’t feel you need it?

Give yourself 20 minutes to reset your mind and body with my slow flow practice.

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