Full moon in Sagittarius and sun in Gemini ~ time for fun and philosophy!

Full moon in Sagittarius and sun in Gemini ~ time for fun and philosophy!

This weekend the moon moves into the sign of Sagittarius with the full moon on the 17th June while the sun is still dancing in Gemini. Gemini are the kids of the zodiac and Sagittarius is the sign opposite Gemini and this is a real case of opposites attract! Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter nicknamed the lucky star, they love travel, adventure and are pretty intelligent but aren’t too bothered either way if they are right or wrong though can be preachy when out of balance! Both Gemini and Sagittarius love to study, while Gemini love to learn and can have a million tabs open in their mind - and on their computer at the same time, they may seem to flit from subject to subject due to their airy nature. Sagittarius have more focus and determination to stay on one course due to their fiery nature, however like Gemini they are also a mutable sign. This makes this weekend a time to be versatile, adaptable, allow plans to change and go with the flow and listen to your intuition.

When the moon is in Sagittarius its an invitation to have fun, be silly, get in touch with your inner child, go on an adventure. For you this may be giving yourself 30 minutes a day on your yoga mat just moving and stretching your body, even if its just for 10 minutes, or just sitting on your mat and listening to the sound of your breath. Putting your favourite song on and having a dance party in the middle of your living room, or putting your feet up and finally starting to read that book you got for christmas!

If you have the weekend off then go on a trip, be spontaneous as much as you can and see where your adventure takes you. If you want to stay closer to home then try something new - sign up for a dance class, enroll of a course to study something completely unrelated to your career, throw a party at the last minute (a garden BBQ if the weather allows!), make space in your garden or living room and be creative - draw or paint, or start a journalling practice and write out your ideas and dreams - start to make a plan.

I’m super excited to be taking a group of Yogis on retreat this weekend and it’ll be my 6th retreat in Glastonbury which I’ve been running since 2013! This week Yogis will be joining me for an adventure in Glastonbury and we are staying at a gorgeous new venue with views of Glastonbury Tor - lets hope the weather allows it! Going away for a Yoga Retreat can be really rewarding and a great way to step deeper into a Yoga practice - great as we start today while the moon is in Scorpio which is all about diving deeper! But as most Yogis go on retreat solo it can also be scary going into the unknown. The groups that have joined me in Glastonbury have always been amazing with many people returning each year. They are always friendly and welcoming to everybody in the group and people arrive as strangers and go home with new friends.

This is very typical of the Gemini and Sagittarius combination - friends, chatting, adventure, yoga, chanting, reading, writing and exploring and what better place to enjoy all this then in magical Glastonbury.

Glastonbury is called the Isle of Avalon - the island of Apples - and apples are known as the fruit of knowledge so what better place then to soak up learning & philosophy for our Gemini and Sagittarius nature. Glastonbury has so much to explore and take in from the historic sites of the Abbey where King Arthur is said to be laid to rest, hiking up Glastonbury Tor, exploring the depths of the White Spring or enjoying the red waters of the Chalice Well Gardens.

While walking through the High Street you can entertain your inner child (Gemini) with all the colourful and eccentric shops, at least 3 are book shops which I religiously visit everytime I’m in Glastonbury to find a new book on a fascinating topic! Perhaps there’ll be a talented artist or musician sharing their skills and magic as you walk along the shops. Soak up the energies with meditation at the Goddess Temple or treat yourself to some me time with an amazing massage or holistic treatment at the stunningly decorated Goddess House - the water room is my favourite :)

All this plus enjoy moving through 4 Yoga practices and 2 meditation practices throughout the whole weekend with plenty of time to enjoy relaxing and exploring what Glastonbury has to offer.

I can’t wait to welcome my group later today and if you aren’t one of the party this year then get in touch to join the wait list and you’ll be one of the first to know details for next years retreat in 2020.

Have a playful practice with this flow that I recorded last year during my Glastonbury Yoga retreat 2018.

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Rachael Wagstaffe