Flowing around the Mandala ~ Summer Solstice & International Day of Yoga

Flowing around the Mandala ~ Summer Solstice & International Day of Yoga

Happy Friday, happy Summer Solstice AND happy International Day of Yoga! Wow what a way to start the weekend!

Here in the Northern Hemisphere its the Summer Solstice which in 2015 was also declared as the International Day of Yoga by the United Nations General Assembly as a way of promoting health, harmony and peace.

The summer solstice is the longest day of the year and is a beautiful marker for being halfway through the year. In previous years I’ve run Yoga in the park classes on summer solstice and last year had the most epic time in New York practicing Yoga in Times Square. Two very different locations but both as beautiful. I will forever remember that OM as we chanted at the end of practice in the middle of New York ~ Peace within the Chaos!

The summer solstice is referred by some as the turning of the wheel as we move into another season. To mark this I wanted to practice a Mandala Flow as part of our Gemini season sequence.

The word Mandala has many different meanings, its the representation of the universe - the inner and outer world. In Sanskrit it literally means circle! Mandalas are geometric patterns that represent the cosmos.

To a Yogi that is new to a Mandala flow practice it can seem chaotic and even a little confusing, especially when we mostly focus on front to back flows such as sun salutations. However in a Mandala flow we move in a circle facing the front of the mat and flowing around the sides and to the back and around again. They can be beautifully simple or look like a dance on your mat.

A Mandala Flow is one of my favourite practices and I’ll link a few below for you to have a play on your mat through different flows, Let me know in the comments how you get on and which ones are your favourites.

Gemini slow Mandala flow ~ 20 minute practice

Find your inner warrior Mandala Flow ~ 25 minute practice

Pisces/mermaid Mandala flow ~ 20 minute practice

Mandala flow ~ unguided 5 minute practice

Dancing Warrior Mandala Flow ~ unguided 3 minute practice

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