I am Yogi, hear me ROAR!

I am Yogi, hear me ROAR!

What a way to start the weekend with so much fire in the sky! The Sun and Venus are both in Leo and the Moon is in Sagittarius today and Saturday alongside Jupiter, Sagittarius ruling planet. Leo and Sagittarius are 2 of the 3 fire signs within the zodiac, fire is all about action, getting things started, motivation, will power, determination. Leo brings in the playful, childlike energies and Sagittarius loves a good adventure.

Now is the time to step into the light and shout to the world who you are and where you are going without a care in the world! Remember last weeks new mantra was ‘I will’ its all about having the courage to do what you want to do and Sagittarius is enCOURAGing you to do exactly that. With fire signs its not always about having the perfect plan but getting out there and experiencing the world, trying something different, seeking out new adventures.

It’s not surprising that we have them longest time off school, college, uni at this time of year - Leo is bringing in the fun and knows there’s plenty of time to get serious as we approach September. Now is the time a lot of us go on summer holidays, spend time outside in the sunshine, playing in the grass, on the water, having adventures as you go to new places.

If you don’t have any travels planned now is the time to get them in place with the inspiration from Sagittarius - where does your inner child (Leo) want to go? If you are very Earthy (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) then you’ll enjoy looking through different travel brochures or websites and planning your next get away and researching the best restaurants for dinner!

Maybe you are going to update your bucket list with new ideas of places to visit or activities to try out.

This morning I taught a SUP Yoga class which I absolutely love to teach. I’ve been teaching these classes for over 2 years and it still tickles me that the first thing many people say to me is…but I’ll fall off! Yet most of those people book in and have a go, at the end of the class they tell me with a grin - I didn’t fall in!

So what are you putting off because you think you know the outcome and its not the one you want? How many things have you tried and surprised yourself that you could do it? Or that you didn’t fail (or fall in!)?

This weekend get in touch with your core, your fire, passion, pride and joy. What lights you up? What do you desire? What adventure are you seeking out but then making excuses to not pursue it?! This is the message/lesson from Leo and Sagittarius - have fun, laugh often, seek out joy and adventures, enjoy life as much as you can.

Its the weekend go on a mini adventure and have some fun :) Connect to your core with this weeks Yoga practice.

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