Find your comfort zone and then go beyond it

Find your comfort zone and then go beyond it!

We are half way through our Taurus series as we reach the full moon today on the 18th May. While the sun is still in Taurus the full moon is in Scorpio. Taurus loves the material realm, hence the mantra of ‘I have’! They love money, food, sex, art anything that stimulates the senses BUT their earthy nature can bring attachment to their creature comforts. Scorpio on the other hand can have trouble living in a body but when they do love it they make everything pleasurable! Scorpio is the master of letting go so they can be renewed and start again. They are the opposite of Taurus and can help bring the Taurus in us out of our comfort zone.

The Taurus in each of us is the part of us that loves our comforts, its what makes us work hard for them which can make it challenging to let them go or push ourselves out of our comfort zone. Its what makes us keep going back to our favorite restaurant as we know and love the menu, wearing the same pair of shoes all the time as you love how they feel and look on your feet, returning to our favorite yoga classes. Even just rolling our yoga mats out in a different spot each week can be challenging for a lot of yogis, I see it every week at the studio. What are you holding onto that could be holding you back?

The full moon in Scorpio can bring us a reminder that we have to go deeper than the material. Let go of fears - especially those around money and know that loving people can be just as easy as loving possessions. Scorpio invites in the chance of a deep transition - make the most of this opportunity. I’ll ask you again - what are you holding onto that could be holding you back?

It may be a challenging full moon but know that Taurus is all about endurance and they are ruled by Venus - the planet of love. So don’t just work hard make sure you stop and smell the roses. Find the pleasure in everything you do and have.

The comfort zone is the great enemy to creativity; moving beyond it necessitates intuition, which in turn configures new perspectives and conquers fears - Dan Stevens


Within your birth chart this is where we can explore the North and South nodes.

The nodes are where the moon crosses the path of the sun in your chart and these two points are always at exact opposites of each other. Just like the sun and moon are when its a full moon.

Your South node is your past life and where you feel most comfortable. These are the tasks that you find easy, the skills that come to you naturally and can feel like your comfort zone.

Your North node is where you are being challenged in this life, what you need to do and where you need to go in life to find satisfaction, happiness or your life purpose.

If you have your birth chart but only know your north node then use the chart below as a guide.


Going back to the Sun in Taurus and full moon in Scorpio - these 2 elements of Earth (Taurus) & Water (Scorpio) create the Ayurvedic dosha Kapha. People with a strong Kapha constitution love their comforts, slow and gentle yoga or a glass of their favorite drink while putting their feet up and watching the telly. At times they can get stuck in the mud or in a rut and need some motivation / get up and go as they are missing the fire element. Take a moment to check in with how you are feeling over this full moon.

If you feel stuck or sluggish, need some motivation have a go with my 15 minute full moon vinyasa flow.

Know that when we gradually add water to earth we create mud and adding heat to clay can create beautiful things. If you can identify your comfort zone and find little ways to take yourself beyond your comfort zone you’ll find so much more than you imagined.

There are 2 sayings I love to remind my students when they need some motivation:

If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you AND what you avoid the most you need the most!

So go roll out your mat and move your body - you’ll feel so much better for giving yourself some well deserved ME TIME.

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