Finding strength & foundations in your Vinyasa practice

Finding strength & foundations in your Vinyasa practice

So many people say to me - ‘Oh you must be super flexible because you practice Yoga’ or ‘I can’t even touch my toes so I’d be rubbish at Yoga’. Well first off I say a big NO to both those comments, you just have to start somewhere. Which brings me to the topic of this weeks blog - strength & foundation within your practice.

What I also hear a lot of is - ‘I thought Yoga was suppose to be easy’ or ‘my core ached for days after last weeks practice’. This is because a Yoga practice can build strength as well as flexibility (which will be a whole other blog!)

To be perfectly honest this doesn’t apply only to a Vinyasa practice but I’m focusing on what is commonly nicknamed a Vinyasa. The flowing movement through plank, cobra or updog and downward dog poses.

You may have been in a class and heard a teacher say ‘take your Vinyasa’ and this is most likely what they are referring to. To find and modify your own Vinyasa have a go with my online practice on my YouTube channel: Modify your Vinyasa

At the studio in my weekly classes our current theme is Yoga for Aries. Aries are the first sign of the zodiac, ruled by Mars - the God of War, their element is fire and rules the head. Aries represents the individual and can be headstrong, assertive and decisive.

Yes Aries is linked to strength, passion, motivation but Aries also rule at self care, self love & self esteem. You can tap into that by finding these foundations in your Yoga practice.

Once we know these foundation poses - plank, cobra & downward dog - moving, flowing and connecting them all together we can do anything!

These poses build heat within your body and allow you to connect with your core self. We can’t help others until we start to understand and help ourselves first.

These foundation poses will slowly build strength in your body - core, legs, arms & wrists which is why these areas can ache for a day or two after getting on the mat. They are a great way to start a home practice as you can move through a Movement Meditation practice making your practice as slow and gentle or as dynamic as you feel guided by your body and breath.

In my practice: Aries Yoga ~ finding strength in your Vinyasa I guide you through finding your plank pose and adding a bit of fun with knee taps and running man plank, flowing with your breath in your Vinyasa and you can play through 4 different transitions from downward to standing forward and into plank.

Slowly working through these variations and finding the right one for you right now on your mat will help you to build strength and foundation within your Yoga practice. You might practice these foundation poses and notice your core aching and your arms and legs shaking - these are great signs. It means you are using and working your muscles to build strength.

Remember stay aware with your breath and move into childs pose when you need to pause.

Rest, don’t quit. Anything worth doing takes time, be patient and don’t give up.

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