Mudras and Mantras: Virgo ~ the sixth sign of the zodiac

Mudras and Mantras: Virgo - the sixth sign of the zodiac.

Welcome to the sixth post in my blog series Mudras and Mantras.

So what are Mudras and Mantras?

Mudras ~ hand gesture that sets an intention and can act as a way of channelling energy. For a lot of people the hands are very expressive and can be an easy way to start a meditative yoga practice.

Mantra ~ is usually a word or sound repeated. In a Yoga practice this is called a Japa practice in which the word/s or mantra is chanted.

Welcome to Virgo season and happy new moon. Virgo is the 6th sign of the zodiac and we move back into the element of Earth, we’ve not been here since Taurus but Virgo has a very different energy. Virgo is ruled by Mercury (same as Gemini) but rather than being slow and sensual (Taurus) or rushing here, there and everywhere and forgetting why (Gemini), Virgo brings order to chaos and a steady flow with a precise purpose.

Virgo is symbolised by a Virgin but this had a very different meaning over 4000 years ago when astrology came about and the stars were being named. Virgin means to be independent, not needing to be completed by another. Virgo is a feminine sign (all the signs represent an aspect of the masculine and feminine energies just like moving through day and night) and is known as the Healing Priestess or Goddess. She has power to give, heal and guide. When reflecting on this for our new mudra I wanted to make sure this strength and power was expressed through the right mudra and so chose the Kali Mudra.

Kali is one of my favourite Hindu Goddesses, she is shown as this bright blue being with multiple arms holding many different objects, the garland of heads around her neck represent infinite knowledge and her skirt of arms represent liberation from karma. Kali has the power to free you from what is no longer serving your highest potential ~ Virgo brings with her the same power and reminder that you can create the world you desire to live in.

To practice move into a comfortable seat, interlace all fingers placing the right little finger on the outside, release the ring fingers (which represent the earth element) and bring the fingers together to touch pointing upwards. Let the arms feel strong with the shoulders relaxed holding the hands either in front of your heart or your belly (as shown below). This mudra invites in the feeling of strength by interlacing the fingers and directing the stability of the earth element upwards inviting in wisdom to your thoughts.


The mantra for Virgo is ‘I analyze’. In Astrology Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac and rules the 6th of 12 houses. The sixth house is the house of perfection, refinement, details so all about getting into the planning stages. However we can get caught up in the shadow of Virgo if we focus on the minor details, wanting everything to be totally perfect (remember its a yoga practice not a yoga perfect!) or we start to criticise ourselves!

I wanted to keep the strength of Kali in our new mantra so have decided to work with the mantra ‘I can’, as when I drove into Virgo I thought of the THIS GIRL CAN campaign. Keep your mantra simple, clear and strong knowing that you can do anything. Everything we manifest is manifested twice, first in the mind (Mercury) and then in our physical reality (Earth).

Have a practice with me via my YouTube channel Yoga with Rach: Virgo Mudra and Mantra practice

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