Mudras and Mantras: Libra ~ the seventh sign of the zodiac

Mudras and Mantras: Libra - the seventh sign of the zodiac.

Welcome to the seventh post in my blog series Mudras and Mantras.

So what are Mudras and Mantras?

Mudras ~ hand gesture that sets an intention and can act as a way of channelling energy. For a lot of people the hands are very expressive and can be an easy way to start a meditative yoga practice.

Mantra ~ is usually a word or sound repeated. In a Yoga practice this is called a Japa practice in which the word/s or mantra is chanted.

Welcome to Libra season and happy new moon tomorrow (28th September). Libra is the 7th sign of the zodiac as we move through into the 2nd half of the Astrological year! Libra moves us into the element of Air and is the only sign to be represented by a material object rather than a human or animal - the scales!

Libra is all about balance, for those of us in the Northern hemisphere, the sun moves into Libra on the autumn equinox, a day of equal length in sun light and moon light before we move into the darker nights of autumn and winter. In the Southern hemisphere the sun moves into Libra on the spring equinox which also represents a day of equal length in sun and moon light before they move into the longer sunshine hours.

The scales reflects wanting to balance what we love - Libra is ruled by Venus the same as Taurus, and our desire for change, to move and for justice (air), Libra would be a great Lawyer as long as their heart was in it!

Autumn is a time of letting go and with Libra being the scales our lesson is to let go of what is holding us back or no longer serving us if its keeping us out of balance. Choosing a mudra for Libra I came across the ‘Letting Go Gesture’ - perfect! The Letting Go Gesture is called the Kshepana Mudra and also known as the Buddhist seal of enlightenment. This mudra is practiced to help you to let go of stress and negativity to make way for joy in your life and the placement is very similar to the mudra we previously practiced for Virgo.

To practice move into a comfortable seat, interlace all fingers, release and extend the index fingers (which represent the air element) and bring the fingers together to touch pointing upwards. Let the arms feel strong with the shoulders relaxed holding the hands in front of your heart (as shown below).

The mantra for Libra is ‘I am balanced’. In Astrology Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac and rules the 7th of 12 houses. The seventh house is the house of relationships - mostly focused on marriage being ruled by the planet of love Venus but all sorts of partnerships come under the 7th house. Being the sign of balance, Libra is also known as the peace keeper - so we can be indecisive if we feel it means rocking the boat or causing upsets however a Libra will have your back if they feel you have suffered an injustice.

Have a practice with me via my YouTube channel Yoga with Rach: Libra Mudra and Mantra practice

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