Mudras and Mantras: Gemini ~ the third sign of the zodiac

Mudras and Mantras: Gemini - the third sign of the zodiac.

Welcome to the third post in my new blog series Mudras and Mantras.

So what are Mudras and Mantras?

Mudras ~ hand gesture that sets an intention and can act as a way a channelling energy. For a lot of people the hands are very expressive and can be an easy way to start a meditative yoga practice.

Mantra ~ is usually a word or sound repeated. In a Yoga practice this is called a Japa practice in which the word/s or mantra is chanted.

Gemini is the sign of the twins, ruled by Mercury also known as Hermes and are known as the communicators of the zodiac! For Gemini I had to choose 2 mudras and mantras to honour the dual nature of Gemini.

The first mudra I selected was Chin Mudra as the index finger is connected to the air element. Chin Mudra is also known as the Unrestricted Consciousness Mudra, joining the fire element of the thumb to the air nature of the index finger this mudra generates inner peace (great for the chatter going on in the mind of those with a Gemini nature). The second mudra I chose for Gemini is the Vyana Mudra, staying in sync with our previous mudra - Apana Mudra, Vyana is another direction of the 5 Vayus. Vyana Mudra is known as the Expansive Prana Mudra. Prana is sanskrit for energy and Vyana relates to the movement of the circulatory system and sits in the heart chakra. The heart chakra is associated with the air element - same as Gemini, and invites you to radiate Prana outwards from your heart centre as well as releasing mental tension (again great for the monkey mind of the Gemini!)

To practice the Chin mudra find a comfortable seat. Using both hands placing them palms upwards on the knees bring the thumb and index together as shown in the picture below on the left. To move into Vyana mudra start in Chin Mudra and bring the middle finger under the thumb to touch the centre of the thumb as shown below in the picture of the right.


The mantras I have chosen for Gemini are ‘I know’ and ‘I speak’. In Astrology Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac and rules the 3rd of 12 houses. The third house is the house of communication - how we listen, talk & think. Geminis can be seen as flighty, loud, always butting in, hyper, playful and always changing their minds! However they love to laugh, learn and be social - COMMUNIty and COMMUNIcation and very similar in their spellings! Communication means the imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing or some other medium and circulation is a synonym of communication. Community means a group of people living together and circle is a synonym of community.

Gemini is the first sign to realise that there is more to the world than just themselves - Aries and Taurus being linked to the ego - whereas Gemini brings in the awareness of others - hence the twins its not just themselves anymore which is where community and communication come together. During Aries we practiced ‘I am’ and in Taurus we practiced ‘I have’ now its time to connect to either ‘I know’ or ‘I speak’. Choose the one that literally speaks to you and always practice your mantra in the present tense, for example - I know I am worthy or I speak from my heart.

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