Mudras and Mantras: Cancer ~ the fourth sign of the zodiac

Mudras and Mantras: Cancer - the fourth sign of the zodiac.

Welcome to the fourth post in my new blog series Mudras and Mantras.

So what are Mudras and Mantras?

Mudras ~ hand gesture that sets an intention and can act as a way of channelling energy. For a lot of people the hands are very expressive and can be an easy way to start a meditative yoga practice.

Mantra ~ is usually a word or sound repeated. In a Yoga practice this is called a Japa practice in which the word/s or mantra is chanted.

Cancer is the sign of the crab, our first water sign, ruled by the moon and are known as the Divine Mother. The Moon is also known as the feminine/ The Goddess part of ourselves, so for me it was easy to choose the mudra for Cancer season: Shakti Mudra

Shakti is the Goddess of the Universe, the personification of energy, with all the powers of the universe in her hands. Shakti mudra leaves you feeling grounded (think of the heaviness of water) yet with the ability to go with the flow (fluidity of water). To practice move into a comfortable seat, bring the little fingers together touching at the fingers tips, followed by the ring finger tips together, place the thumbs into the palm of the hand and wrap the middle and index fingers around the thumb. Little and ring fingers point downwards, hands can rest onto or in front of the lower abdomen.

shakti mudra.jpg

The mantra for Cancer is ‘I feel’. In Astrology Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac and rules the 4th of 12 houses. The fourth house is the house of home and family - how we live and how we feel we belong with the people in our lives whether that’s the family you were born into or the family you have created. Its the house that brings you out of yourself now as its about how other people make you feel. Remember I said earlier that Cancer is represented by the crab…she carries her home with her, its also her protection - the shell that protects those that are vulnerable and dear to her. During Cancer season allow yourself to dive deep into the waters of your emotions and truly FEEL them. It can be easy to stay within the shell but remember this house/sign is about home and LIFE. You have to move out of your shell to truly live and FEEL.

Cancer is also represented by the Yin/Yang symbol and another lesson is to find the balance between giving yourself time for self care - enjoy a soak in the bath, get on your yoga mat, meditate, sit by a body of water, put on your favourite song, to refill your cup and between giving to your family and loved ones. It could also be about finding balance between home life and work as the opposite of Cancer is Capricorn - the workaholic/career drive. Remember life is an ebb and flow of giving AND receiving, make sure you are doing both.

Have a practice with me via my YouTube channel Yoga with Rach: Cancer Mudra and Mantra practice

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