Connecting to your inner warrior through your Yoga practice

Connecting to your inner warrior through your Yoga practice - Aries Yoga series

Aries - the fighter, ruled by Mars the God of War! They are assertive and here with a purpose and are not easily deterred. Once an Aries knows their cause they will fight for it. Just look at a few famous Aries people such as Angelina Jolie: an actress AND humanitarian who became aware of people suffering in war ravaged countries while she was filming in Cambodia and wanted to do something about it.

Al Gore who believes so much in climate change and campaigned to raise awareness about global warming that the documentary ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ was made. I love that one of the quotes is spoken in a true Aries nature: ‘I am Al Gore and I used to be the next president of the United States of America!’

Maya Angelo, was not only a poet and a singer but a civil rights activist - one of my favourite quotes from Maya Angelo is:

‘A woman in harmony with her spirit is like a flowing river. She goes where she will without pretence and arrives at her destination prepared to be herself and only herself’

Gloria Steinem a feminist and political activist who was recognised as a spokeswomen for the American Feminist Movement in the 1960s.

Though all different causes they all have one thing in common that they could say to you: ‘I AM FIGHTING FOR CHANGE’

You don’t have to go that big, you can start by tapping into who you are, what you stand for, love, want for your future? What’s your ‘I AM’? If you aren’t sure take yourself back to my blog: Mudras and Mantras: Aries and you’ll know that the mantra for Aries is ‘I AM’

Roll out your Yoga mat, sit on your sofa or bed and breathe while repeating the words ‘I AM’. If your mind wanders, if you feel silly, whatever arises make a note of it. Perhaps you complete your ‘I AM’ mantra, below are a few of mine I’ve used over the past 4 weeks:


Don’t worry if sitting still and meditating doesn’t feel right for you, maybe you find meditation in your movement?

In this weeks video practice - Find your inner warrior, I guide you through a mandala flow of warrior 2 and goddess pose. Within the sequence I invite you to practice one of my favourite breathing techniques - the HA breath! Practiced on an exhale, you release the breath (along with any emotions or stress) and a very strong, loud and powerful HA! To get the most out of this practice and your HA breath you have to really connect to your core to do this properly! Think about engaging/drawing your belly in as you let go with your exhale and your HA breath. If you laugh awesome - there’s a reason why its called the HA breath. For more on laughter in your Yoga practice check out last weeks blog.

Emotional release - to find our inner strength, inner warrior we need to release and feel our emotions. We are here having a human experience and we need to do exactly that - experience it.

ERT or Emotional Release Therapy offers lots of techniques to release your emotions as they get stored in your body. This is why during forward folds we may feel frustrated or a deep sense of relief and letting go, in hip opening practices students may feel emotional and cry. An experience I had during a sound bath was I really wanted to laugh - completely uncontrollable laughter from out of nowhere! However it was about emotional release.

Another technique is to move - that may be flowing through a sequence on your yoga mat, going for a run or just jumping up and down - or having a go with some running man planks! Think about it, so many of our favourite Yoga poses are named after an animal it represents - cobra, downward or upward facing dog, cat curls, pigeon pose - when an animal is scared or feeling stressed they move, shake or stretch. As mentioned in last weeks blog - movement releases endorphins which trigger a feel good feeling in your body.

Know that you are strong, whatever the universe is handing you it’s because you can deal with it. When you need to move, shout, cry, laugh.

Be a warrior not a worrier!

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The Astro Yogi )0(