Full moon in Libra, Sun in Aries ~ Bringing playfulness and laughter into your yoga practice

Happy full moon in Libra :)

I love full moons, they are so beautiful to look at and a wonderful reminder that everything ebbs and flows. We can be strong and gentle, light and dark, giving and taking - its all about finding your balance.

Part of our Aries focus is allowing the strong and grounded energy of Aries to highlight where we need motivation or to be more grounded. You may be someone that needs that get up and go or perhaps you are all about the work but don't find the time for relaxation?

Today is the last day that the sun is in Aries before moving into the Earthy sign of Taurus, so you may feel your energy and drive soften as we move out of Aries and into a more grounded energy. The full moon is opposite in Libra and is there for a few more hours during tonights full moon.

Aries is all about fire, energy, get up and go and its all about ‘me’, the self or ego. Where as Libra, though they like movement being an Air sign, they are all about balance - being represented by the scales! They love to focus on the other person in their life rather than themselves and Fire needs the air to fuel them. Have you ever watched a bonfire as the flames dance in the wind? This combo can work really well together as long as one doesn’t drown out the other.

With energy we can easily get caught up in our own mind, with projects we want to get started (or completed) and focusing on our goals. Libra can be here as a reminder to find balance in everything we do, reminding us of the other people in our lives that we can share our passion and joy with.

During a workshop I attended last November I can remember the teacher asking us to smile or laugh during a really dynamic practice. If we look at the benefits of laughter yoga - it strengthens the immune system, reduces pain and lowers stress. Laughter relaxes the whole body and triggers the release of endorphins - our pain relieving hormone. Endorphins are released when we move - this is why runners can get what is known as ‘runners high’. Research into the runners high was carried out at Ulter University of Northern Ireland in which runners were asked to smile or frown. The study showed runners used nearly 3% less energy when smiling making their run more efficient. If its good enough for runners then why not Yogis? If we can smile and/or laugh during a difficult or challenging practice you’ll trigger more of a release of endorphins. Meaning you can make challenging poses such as plank, chair, boat (just to name a few I know a lot of my students don’t enjoy!) that little bit more efficient and in time more enjoyable.

So with this weeks practice I wanted to bring in these 2 elements - the fuel and fire of Aries with a Sun Salutation practice and mash it up with a playful way of taking elements out of the traditional Sun Salute A sequence to keep you on your toes.

Roll out your mat and have a go with my Sun Salutation mash up If you know the sequence or as you start to find the flow in your body try to stay in the moment - notice if you move on autopilot or do you find your yoga bubble and move as though in a meditative dance on your mat? Do you stay present with each movement I guide you through or are you moving to the next one assuming that's where I’m taking you to?

Remember playfulness is the secret to raising your vibrations!

Thank you for diving a deeper with me into our Aries practice. If you enjoyed this blog please use one of the buttons below to share it with your friends.

The Astro Yogi )0(