Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy, ante natal, prenatal yoga it goes by a few names!

Pregnancy Yoga is a time for mums to be to get on their yoga mat and connect with their baby growing in their belly, learning breathing techniques (Pranayama) useful during pregnancy and birth for relaxation and gentle yoga postures (Asanas) to stretch and ease the body as baby grows and slowly takes up more space.

Pregnancy is a special and beautiful journey, unique for each woman and every time she is pregnant it will be slightly different than before. You want to ensure you are staying fit and healthy during pregnancy but to be mindful of the types of exercise you do. Pregnancy yoga is safe and gentle so anyone can attend whether you are completely new to yoga or been practicing for years. Throughout pregnancy a womans body not only changes but we can develop high or low blood pressure, carpal tunnel syndrome or even pelvic girdle pain/SPD (to name a few). If your Yoga Teacher or exercise teacher isn't aware of these conditions and how to modify your practice then it can be uncomfortable or painful. So always check when signing up that your teacher is prenatally trained.

I studied with a Yoga Alliance approved Perinatal Yoga School in 2013 and have been teaching Pregnancy Yoga since, working with over 350 women and babies. Pregnancy is suitable from 12 weeks right up to your due date and can be modified as your pregnancy progresses or for any prenatal conditions. Pregnancy yoga is also classed as ante natal classes so you are entitled to request time off from work to attend classes.

Classes run on Thursdays 6.30-8pm and Sundays 1.30-3pm, a block of 6 classes is £60pp or pay as you go for £12 per class. Classes are rolling so you can sign up when you are ready and you can attend as many blocks/classes as you wish.

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