Yoga with goats

This year has seen another new twist to practicing Yoga - Yoga with Goats!

Also nicknamed Goga - GOat yoGA - its either sparked interest for those that love yoga or animals or has ruffled some feathers!

So lets go back to how I got introduced to Yoga with February this year a student shared a video to a Facebook group I run, of yogis practicing yoga in a barn with goats walking around them. The video was posted to Facebook by 'The Dodo' and my only comment was 'could be messy'. However I kept getting tagged to videos or photos shared on Facebook of people practicing yoga with goats and by the end of April I posted a video to my Facebook group to see who would actually be interested.

A student recommended a local goat farm and I reached out to the owner Karen to see if she would be interested in letting a group of Yogis visit to practice yoga in one of their paddocks. Super keen she emailed back and we set up a date for me to visit the farm, meet the goats and have a chat about setting up a class.

I visited Sandy Banks farm on Friday 19th May and thought I'd be there for a quick look around the farm - at least an hour later I was on my way home and we had a date in the diary for the 3rd June for our first class with the goats.

The first class - Saturday 3rd June and 20 Yogis rolled out their mats at the farm alongside myself and a herd of baby goats. The sun was shining, the goats super playful and bouncy and everyone was smiling ear to ear. There were plenty of cuddles with the goats alongside yoga outside - what's not to love about this practice that plenty are calling a fad? Laughter, sunshine, cuddles and yoga to me equals happiness. We loved it so much that we decided to run a second class the following Saturday.

The second class - Saturday 10th June, another beautiful morning out in the paddock and we were accompanied by a photographer from The Portsmouth News who captured moments of our practice alongside the goats. The feature was published in The Portsmouth News weekend edition of the 17th & 18th July.

Since then we've enjoyed 2 more classes on the 15th July and 19th August with new people booking alongside those that have fallen in love with the goats. The star of the show being Tigger, all this years goats were named after Disney characters, though he is pretty much fully blind he has a lot of bounce and is the loudest goat in the paddock. As well as around 20-25 Yogis, myself and Karen we are joined by at least 5 baby Boer goats and 6 baby Pygmy goats walking, jumping and running around their paddock. They stop for head scratches or to nibble on ponytails, toes and mats.

Our last class for this year is planned for Saturday 9th September 10.30-11.30am with bookings opening on the 2nd September.

25 places available, £12.50pp

Rachael Wagstaffe