Stonehenge day trip 2017

Yesterday 19 of us gathered in Fareham at 6am to head to Wiltshire for our annual day trip to Stonehenge and Avebury stone circle.

Everyone was buzzing as the sunrise had been stunning and it was already promising to be a gorgeous day - last year it rained all day but it didn't dampen our spirits.

We were slightly delayed as sadly the coach arrived late but once we were all on board we were on our way...or so we thought!

By 7am we arrived in Salisbury to be rudely awakened - a few had nodded off - as the horn started beeping and just wouldn't stop. Paul, our coach driver for the day, pulled over and did the typical switch it off and on again a few times which sadly didn't work. He didn't want us to miss our private access booking so said he'll drive there with it beeping! However when we got to the first set of traffic lights the steering had smoke coming from it. Paul quickly decided to head for the coach park round the corner, and instructed us to get off the coach as quickly as possible.

The steering wheel was now on fire and within minutes the fire brigade arrived.

Luckily everyone was ok, the only damage was a slightly melted steering wheel and a group of Yogis fully blaming Mercury retrograde for our delays!

The chief fireman recommended a local taxi firm to ferry us off to Amesbury and within an hour we were all sat down in Friar Tucks café enjoying hot cups of teas and coffee and a cooked breakfast while waiting for another coach to arrive.

Taking our time to thoroughly enjoy breakfast and wait for out transportation we arrived at Stonehenge around 10.30am. Most had a walk around the outer circle of the stones as we were too late for our private access, while others picked a nice spot on the grass for our yoga class.

Flowing through sun salutations, side stretches, twists and lunges before playing in arm balances and inversions. We were feeling the magic as we were rocking poses that usually challenge us. I was ecstatic to manage an inversion with no a walls in sight :) and it was wonderful seeing students trying poses they normally fear without the aid of a wall or prop.

From Stonehenge we jumped back on the coach for Avebury where the sun was shining and we unrolled our mats again for a little flow to stretch shoulders and back after sitting on the coach for an hour.

We had a fab little surprise when getting to the wishing tree at Avebury as a man was sat under the tress playing a beautiful hang drum, so some of us sat under the shade while taking in the melody.

Our 2 hours at Avebury flew by and we drove round the corner to park in the layby opposite Silbury Hill to walk up to West Kennett long barrow.

Either sitting outside the barrow or venturing into the chamber we played a drum and singing bowl making the most of the acoustics to bathe in the sounds.

After an eventful start we ended up with an enjoyable day out in the glorious sunshine. I will definitely be doing this again next year but may check when Mercury is retrograding - especially around a solar eclipse - before I book the date.

To join us next year get in touch to express your interest and keep an eye out on the events listing for dates.

Rachael Wagstaffe