Why Ibiza? Our upcoming Yoga Retreat

The White Island of Ibiza, known by many as the place to fly to for fun, sex, booze, dance, wild and naughty behaviour! So why I am running a Yoga retreat there?!

Ibiza was always known as the boho island where writers, artists and painters were enjoying life working on the white island way before the hippies of the 60s and 70s started to visit the island, attracted by its laid back attitude to life.

Ibiza had its big boom from the 70s onwards with discos opening and the rave scene arriving in the 80s and house music in the 90s. The 2 pioneering clubs Amnesia and Pacha opened in the 70s and people still flock to Ibiza to party all night (and day) there!

However the are still traces of the bohemian life on the Island, with plenty of hippy markets, yoga and beaches to meditate and relax. The party scene has only become part of San Antonio yet because of this reputation so many miss out on the magic of Ibiza.

The Phoenicians believed Ibiza was blessed by the gods as no reptile, animal, insect or plant on the island can kill you. Nostradamus said Ibiza was Earths final refuge!

Goddes Tanit was the mother of the gods, worshipped as the Goddess of love, the Moon and the heavens, associated with dance and a warrior goddess considered the protector of Women and the Ibizan's believe she was born on the island on the mystical rock known as Es Vedra.

Es Vedra is the place Odysseus was lured by the singing Sirens of Greek mythology which people still claim to see and hear around the rocks of Es Vedra. After the North Pole and Bermuda Triangle, Es Vedra is the third most magnetic place in the world.

Is it any wonder then that the island of Ibiza is known as the Island of dance and draws so many to her shores?

Ibiza is connected to the first and second Chakras - the root/Muladhara and the sacral/Svadisthana Chakras which connect to the sexual organs of the male and female bodies - a huge factor to why Ibiza is known for sex! However these Chakras are also about security, creativity, being able to express ourselves in our true and raw form.

During September the Island starts to slow down as the summer clubbing scene comes to a close for the year. With a wide range of beaches to visit surrounded by beautiful turquoise waters, Ibiza is a place to come to when you need to ground, set your creative intentions, ask for guidance from the universe and soak up the chilled out vibes.

During our week on the island we will be focusing our Yoga practice on the first 2 Chakras, celebrating the Autumn Equinox - a time of balance before we shift into the Winter Solstice and the new moon moving into the Earthy sign of Virgo a sign assosicated with healing.

Whether you are in need of healing, relaxation, creativity or to ignite your passion for Yoga, this retreat is for you.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch to book your place with me on the White Island.


Rachael Wagstaffe