SUP Yoga classes are here

Saturday afternoon 12 Yoginis joined me poolside for Yoga on the water.

We are the UK's first floating Yoga studio with Boga Yoga using their amazing Boga FitMats. Designed to be used in the pool with a yoga mat surface for perfect grip and comfort during your practice.

Indoor SUP Yoga is ideal for those new to stand up paddleboards and worried about falling off, if you don't like sea water and for year round practice as sadly the Great British weather isn't always that great and funnily enough this Saturday it was pouring with rain!

Starting slowly finding our balance in table top, downward dog and kneeling sun salutes before coming up to standing and playing in warrior, wide forward fold and some trying arm balances and headstand. After floating into savasana everyone was buzzing.

Fancy taking your practice to the water? Join us on Saturday 19th August at 2pm, get in touch to book. More dates listed in events and workshops.